Use Unicode in Google search

The comprehensive nature of this standard opens many new search capabilities. If you do not know what Unicode is, take a look at the list  at the bottom of this post.

Let me show you what it is all about

A) Let’s start with something amusing in Google video search [🔫 and 🌹in]


B) The meaning of the math symbol ∑  [∑ meaning]


C) A logic formula [p → q ∧ q → r → p → r]



Here’s how to insert them in Google search

  • Mac users have it easy: ctrl + cmd + space will open a window with the symbols. Drag an icon in the Omnibox Google and it’s done.
  • If the symbol shows in a search result, you can drag them to the omnibox.
  • Draw the symbol you have in mind on  Unicode character recognition tool