Carrot2 Clustering Engine

We are all familiar with the main players in the search engine market, especially the big three Google, Bing and Yahoo are no strangers. Today I will  introduce a little fellow: Carrot2 – a cluster engine that can organize search results into categories.


For now I will show just one of the many possibilities:  clustering by source.

  • First type (e.g. [search engine]) a keyword in the search window
  • left mouse click on Search
  • Click on More options
  • Dig even deeper by clicking on More advanced options

The image below is similar to what you see?  Good!


  • Set 200 results (for download)
  • Choose By Source (for Cluster with:)
  • left mouse click on Search
  • Chances are that you get an error message, but don’t panic
  • At the top left the window choose Circles.

The left side of the results shows A colorful circle. The right side a familiar list.


Perhaps you prefer another visualisation