Moving Google Books between Shelfs

This short How-To will show you how to move books from one shelf to another.

  1. Go to your Google Books library
  2. Select the “old” bookshelf (e.g. references)
  3. Select a book
  4. Click below on “added to references”
  5. A menu appears: select the “destination” bookshelf (e.g. est)
  6. afterwards – if redundant – delete the “old” bookshelf.



Roll a die – Google versus Bing

Submitting “roll a die” as an ordinary query on both Google Search and Bing Search returns a visual, instant results – or answer box.


Google offers a “Roll it” again functionality . Bing on the other hand offers the functionality to roll up to 8 dice simultaneously.


But there is even more to it … when you click on Bing’s “Learn probabiliteis of rolling dice”, you are offered some great additional settings for you to tweak!


Bing has a probability explorer




About scores and schedules

By placing vs between two countries (or teams) Google will return an instant answer box – on one condition: you must be signed in with your Google Account!

Name one thing that india, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, British islands etc. have in common? Cricket!

The Google query  [eng vs pak cricket] gives an instant result that shows the current cricket scores, including the scheduled games. When available, you can watch video recaps  as well.


How about some soccer? Try [england vs scotland football]


Fancy basketball? Try [knicks vs lakers]


Try to figure out what other sports this also applies to. Happy searching!