Moving Google Books between Shelfs

This short How-To will show you how to move books from one shelf to another.

  1. Go to your Google Books library
  2. Select the “old” bookshelf (e.g. references)
  3. Select a book
  4. Click below on “added to references”
  5. A menu appears: select the “destination” bookshelf (e.g. est)
  6. afterwards – if redundant – delete the “old” bookshelf.



Google a rainbow

The  folks over at Google appreciate a wisecrack once in a while.  Look up “queer” and a vertical rainbow strip appears on your screen. Don’t worry,  it disappears again as soon you search for something else.


Roll a die – Google versus Bing

Submitting “roll a die” as an ordinary query on both Google Search and Bing Search returns a visual, instant results – or answer box.


Google offers a “Roll it” again functionality . Bing on the other hand offers the functionality to roll up to 8 dice simultaneously.


But there is even more to it … when you click on Bing’s “Learn probabiliteis of rolling dice”, you are offered some great additional settings for you to tweak!


Bing has a probability explorer




How to reveal “use”

Previously, the bottom right of Google’s Search home page showed “use”. Now there appears to be only privacy, Terms and Settings to choose from.

Here’s how to bring that feature back!


Type “” in the address bar followed by ENTER.  Although you’ll notice no change in the adress bar, look bottom left! You just revealed use!


Search results for polyglots

Under settings, Google offers you the choice to select one user interface language, which makes sense. however, those wishing to see results in several languages, can.

To this end you first need to click on EDIT, because otherwise this option is not visible. Here you can select multiple languages.

A) Under settings choose Languages and set which language Google products should use

B) Click on Edit to reveal the list of languages “Currently showing search results in”

C) Don’t forget to click SAVE when you are done – and have coockies enabled!


Overcoming the labyrinth

When you enter your internet browsers settings, you’ll enter a labyrinth, so to speak.

Chrome users pay attention: this power tip will take you to the right place in no time!

1) Open Chrome and make sure that you are signed in to your Google Account

2) type the following in the address bar: chrome://settings and Enter

3)  Look for the search settings box in the upper right corner and type whatever you want to find

4) matching results will show up as yellow highlighted attention grabbers.

It is that easy – (illustration shows the results for javascript)