Search results for polyglots

Under settings, Google offers you the choice to select one user interface language, which makes sense. however, those wishing to see results in several languages, can.

To this end you first need to click on EDIT, because otherwise this option is not visible. Here you can select multiple languages.

A) Under settings choose Languages and set which language Google products should use

B) Click on Edit to reveal the list of languages “Currently showing search results in”

C) Don’t forget to click SAVE when you are done – and have coockies enabled!


Overcoming the labyrinth

When you enter your internet browsers settings, you’ll enter a labyrinth, so to speak.

Chrome users pay attention: this power tip will take you to the right place in no time!

1) Open Chrome and make sure that you are signed in to your Google Account

2) type the following in the address bar: chrome://settings and Enter

3)  Look for the search settings box in the upper right corner and type whatever you want to find

4) matching results will show up as yellow highlighted attention grabbers.

It is that easy – (illustration shows the results for javascript)